Solution For Healthcare Facilities

Are you a clinic, doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, or lab looking to hire? We can connect you to our qualified graduates.

Our Solution

At HarperRand, we like to be one step ahead. Our programs provide students the tools to be hired immediately after completing the class. 

Our students are job-ready.

HarperRand offers comprehensive solutions to private entities, educational institutions, and other education-focused organizations.


We prepare graduates with soft skills like professionalism, safety, and teamwork to guarantee long-term success.

Candidate Requirements

Our coordinators review student background checks, drug screens, and resumes before admission into their externship.

Zero Risk

Our partnership system reduces turnover costs during recruiting and training. Additionally, HarperRand covers students for liability insurance.

Externship Placements

We connect our skilled students to our local healthcare partners. Our dedicated team manages all clinical scheduling with our healthcare providers.

Employment Needs

For employers, the externship gives recruiters access to hundreds of students. This scenario is a win-win between our partners, their students, and healthcare partners.

Commitment Free

Our partnered externship sites are not required to hire students. If it is not a good fit, we can provide you with our next candidate.

Externship Timeline

Externship duration varies by program

Student Onboarding

Week 1

HarperRand receives partner request to host students. We submit student paperwork and notify our student.

Externship Orientation

Week 2

Externship site conducts in-person/online interview and orientation to confirm successful placement.

Externship Completion

Week 4

HarperRand receives student externship booklet and evaluation to discuss student’s hiring potential with site.